How To Record, Produce, And Mix Killer Guitars In-The-Box…

Even if you’ve never gotten great sounds in your home studio…
Even if you don’t have a high-end electric guitar…
And even if you’ve always struggled in the past!

The biggest "Recording Revolution" you missed...

Was the one that happened right underneath your nose.

While the world was discovering how to get Radio Ready recordings and mixes from their home studios…

And musicians all over the world were making killer records from their bedrooms…

There was (and still is!) a revolution going on in the world of electric guitar.

Just like how we no longer need $80,000 mixing desks and thousands in outboard gear for great recordings and mixes…

We no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on vintage tube amps, a 60s guitar, and countless pedals to get world-class guitar sounds in our music. 

With a cheap guitar, and some basic amp plugins, you can easily recreate the guitar sounds of your favorite guitarists and bands for a fraction of what it would cost in the past. 

And in a home studio…

You don’t need to be a technical genius to get great guitar tracks in your music. 

You can take as many takes as you need to nail that guitar solo.

You could even comp several takes into a guitar part that blows your listeners away!

(The pros do this in the studio too, so there’s no shame in this) 

With the right processing and effects, the cheap electric guitar sitting at the side of your desk can sound like you’ve got an entire rack of guitars in your home studio. 

If this is true, why do most guitarists struggle to get great In The Box tones? 

Most guitarists like to obsess over the past.

After all, the iconic sounds of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Stevie Ray Vaughan still sound amazing today. 

Lots of guitarists love diving into the nitty-gritty of the guitar, amplifier and amp settings, string gauge, and pedalboards their idols used…

Without realizing that if they applied that same obsession to their own home guitar recording and mixing…

They’d easily recreate those same sounds, and possibly innovate even better ones in their home studios!

Here at the Recording Revolution…

We want to help you bring your guitar recordings and mixes into the 21st century. 

Right now, there are countless hobbying guitarists that could be creating epic music with their skills and today’s technology…

But aren’t able to get the guitar recordings and mixes they want for a simple reason.

They don’t know how to translate their skills into the digital home recording domain!

The truth is… getting great guitar tones In The Box can be simple, easy and effortless…

If you know what you’re doing

There are 3 simple reasons why most In The Box guitar tracks don’t sound good:

#1: The performance captured isn’t performed or edited right
#2: The guitar parts aren’t EQ’d and compressed properly
#3: They’re not produced and mixed right!

You could have a thousand problems with the guitars in your mix, but when you boil it down - it’s one of these 3 issues. 

But if you fix these 3 issues, and have a rock-solid approach to tone-crafting, recording and mixing electric guitar In The Box…

Your mixes will thank you for it. 

With well-crafted guitar tones and parts in a mix, it’s already halfway to the finish line.

And with the unlimited tracks and sounds you can craft in a home studio…

Being able to get killer guitars In The Box is a skill invaluable to any guitarist today. 

Imagine being able to craft any guitar tone you want, mix tight rhythm guitars and soaring lead lines...

Today, we’d like to help you solve your electric guitar problems once and for all…

And get you Radio Ready Guitars in your recordings and mixes.

So we’re teaming up with vocal coach, producer, guitarist, and session player Chris Liepe to teach you how to get the Perfect Guitar Take today.

Who’s your instructor today:

\With over 160,000 YouTube subscribers to his vocal coaching channel, and thousands of vocal students changing their lives with his breakthrough vocal methods…

Chris Liepe is a seasoned and skilled vocal coach who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks it, too!

But before he was a vocal coach, Chris was a guitar teacher for the popular website JamPlay, as well as a session guitarist and producer for hire. 

And through years of needing to produce radio jingles, soundtracks, and advertisements for clients he was working with…

He discovered how to craft killer guitar tones In The Box that still sounded professional, real, and passed the “Radio Ready” test. 

As a guitar teacher and producer, Chris is combining his knowledge of the instrument with his production skills to give you an all-comprehensive resource…

One that will level up your guitar recordings and mixes permanently.


Whether you’ve just picked up the guitar, or you’re a skilled player who can hear the difference between a Stratocaster and Les Paul in a mix…

This course will show you how to get the tone of your dreams in your home studio…

Without spending thousands on guitars, amplifiers, pedals and microphones.

With 3 in-depth modules and multiple song case studies, this is a deep dive into crafting Radio Ready Guitars from your home studio. 

Would you like a look inside the course? 

Module 1: Guitar Foundations

Before Chris takes you inside his studio, he’s got to give you the foundation to succeed as an In The Box guitarist.

If you get your starting mindset and position right, it makes recording, producing, and mixing guitar easy as pie.

  • The crucial mindsets that will set you up for recording and mixing success as a guitarist
  • The 4 roles of a guitar in a mix that remove all guesswork and frustration from writing and recording guitar parts
  • A simple way of playing guitar that injects life, mystery and atmosphere straight into your mixes (even a beginner can do this!) 
  • Why great guitar tones have EQ and compression on the way in (and how you might already be doing this)

Module 2: Guitar Basics

You could spend decades learning how to play guitar, and still be learning something new every day.

But in this module, Chris will give you the crucial concepts to understanding and mastering the guitar…

So that you can unlock new playing styles and skills on the instrument with zero frustrations.

  • A simple guitar concept that players take years to learn, explained to you in just 10 minutes
  • Why open chords are the secret to unlocking the licks you’ve always wanted 
  • How to use arpeggios to jump up and down the fretboard with ease
  • How to use gain-staging as a guitarist to shape and craft tones
  • The key habits to develop separately on your picking/non-picking hands

Module 3: Guitar & Recording Case Studies

In this module, Chris goes through 6 different tracks with multiple styles…

Giving you a deep dive on how a pro guitarist and producer crafts guitar parts, no matter the genre they’re working in.

From the guitar choice to the creation of the rhythm/lead part, to the amp plugin setup and mixing, it's all in this module. 

Case Study #1: Bruno Mars Pop/Funk Style

In this case study, you’ll see how to create multiple tones in a pop/funk style that give you a tighter, groovier mix.

If you've ever wanted the sparkly, bright tones of pop guitar in your mixes, this is for you.

Hear the case study below:

  • How to recreate the glassy, clean rhythm tones of Prince and Niles Rodgers with a plugin chain and EQ and compression setup that gives you in-the-pocket rhythm guitars in your mixes
  • A simple trick to making any synth horn lines sound real and “live” 
  • One plugin you can use for a pumping, driving effect in your mix 
  • Why tight rhythm playing is actually played loose and swung, and edited to be tight afterward

Case Study #2: Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Pop/Rock Style

In this case study, you’ll be taught how to craft multiple tones and parts that create a huge “Wall of Sound” effect in your mixes.

Hear the case study below:

  • A one-mic technique for acoustic guitars that gives you the perfect sound for pop/rock tracks
  • How to get wide, Tom Petty style acoustic guitars in your mixes with one guitar and a capo
  • The acoustic guitar EQ you can copy for bright, present tone without harshness (you can use stock plugins for this!)
  • Why ambient guitar tracks are the key to that “pro” feel in your rock productions
  • The “mandolin” approach to high guitar parts that sit perfectly in your mix, every time

Case Study #3: Soundgarden, Breaking Benjamin, Grunge Rock Style

With this track, Chris uses a single Fender Telecaster to show you how to craft killer grunge and heavy rock tones, and the effects and parts that lift a heavy production and keep it interesting from start to finish.

Hear the case study below:

  • The tricks to getting that lush yet gritty grunge/hard rock tone inside your DAW
  • Why playing out of tune could be the key to killer ambience in your mix 
  • A simple way to remove hum from your high gain guitar lines
  • A plugin you can use for instant vibe and groove to any guitar line
  • The “Distortion EQ” trick that gives you a guitar sound that sits perfectly in the mix
  • How to use time & pitch based effects to create interesting tones that you’d struggle to make in an analog setup

Case Study #4: Classic Brian May Rock Lead Guitar in 6/8

In this case study, Chris takes a classic 6/8 rock beat, and shows you how to build an arrangement that lifts up a killer lead line, and how to craft guitar solos even if you’ve never recorded lead guitar before. 

Listen to the case study below:

  • Why layering is the secret to killer lead lines, not endless takes
  • How to make a guitar loop sound natural and live in your mix 
  • The one VST all guitar players should learn to use when producing music
  • A difference between vocal effects and guitar effects so many get wrong when mixing
  • The “Waterfall” approach to guitar solos that makes crafting a solo smooth, fuss-free and effortless

Case Study #5: Jason Mraz Pop Style

This case study will show you how everything you’ve learned so far in the course comes together…

Revealing how to arrange, layer and create multiple guitar parts that help build a pro mix, right from the start. 

You’ll see how Chris accentuates guitar parts with programmed synths, and how to take electric guitars into the contemporary pop sounds of today.

Listen to the case study below:

Case Study #6: System Of A Down / Skillet Rock Style

In this final case study, you’ll discover some advanced guitar production techniques that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else online.

From using synthesizers like a pro to creating nuance riffs, this case study is a gold mine of info for any home studio owner today.

Listen to the case study below:

  • How to fit your guitar playing to any drum loops or rhythm parts you’re playing with, to create the illusion of a tight and powerful groove in your tracks

  • How a single guitar can create massively contrasting tones In The Box - saving you thousands of dollars in buying guitars and pedals
  • Why any guitar player can program synthesizers just as good as a great keys player
  • The secret to turning taking your guitar skills and translating it into your mixes

As you can see, Perfect Guitar Takes will give you the system to recording, producing, and mixing killer guitars from your home studio

It’ll take you at most a couple of weeks to go through the course, but every single lesson inside the member’s area is plug and play…

This means that you can literally start seeing results from the course right from the first few videos lessons you start watching!

On top of that, you can download all the multitrack of the 6 case studies inside the member's area - so you can listen to, and recreate the sounds you're shown inside the course!

And once you’ve gone through the course, don’t be surprised if the next time you start producing electric guitars at home…

It isn’t a struggle to get the tones you want…

It isn’t a pain to figure out the rhythm guitar parts your mix needs…

Crafting a melodic, emotional lead guitar solo is intuitive and natural…

And instead of bashing your head against the wall because you can’t get the guitar sounds you want to come out of your speakers…
Your mix has the sizzle, punch, and drive of Radio Ready Guitars in it. 

Which brings us to the question…

How much does Perfect Guitar Takes cost? 

A course like this could easily cost $500, and even at that price point, it would still be a great deal.

After all, the knowledge inside this course would save you:

  • Thousands of dollars on multiple guitars, amplifiers, and pedals to try and get the tone you want
  • Hundreds more on microphones to try and record the live setup you’ve got in your home studio
  • Any possible neighbor problems you’d get from trying to record live electric guitar in your home studio!
  • Months, even years trying to figure out how to get great In The Box tones and guitar parts by yourself

But when the Recording Revolution teamed up with Chris Liepe to make this course…

We didn’t want to create something that would be priced out of the people that might most need it. 

Instead, we wanted to make a resource that would help home studio owners all over the world get killer guitars in their mixes…

While saving them precious time, effort, and energy from having to figure it out by themselves. 

So if you’d like to join Perfect Guitar Takes today…

It won't cost you $500, $250, or even $150...

You can get lifetime access to Perfect Guitar Takes for just one payment of $97 today. 

Click here to join Perfect Guitar Takes for just $97 now

Discover how to record, produce, and mix Radio Ready Guitars in your home studio for just one payment of $97.
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And you can join Perfect Guitar Takes with zero risks today

Just like any Recording revolution course, Perfect Guitar Takes comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

So you can join the course with no hesitation, and if you’re not satisfied with your results…

Just drop us an email at [email protected] and you’ll be refunded your entire purchase, no questions asked. 

Either you get Radio Ready Guitars, or you don’t pay a cent.

But this course is available for a limited time only…


As this course is a collaboration with Chris Liepe, we'll only be reopening up the course for the month of October only.

So don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity…

Click the button below to lock in your spot on Perfect Guitar Takes now!

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Discover how to record, produce, and mix Radio Ready Guitars in your home studio for just one payment of $97.
60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

If you haven’t gotten good guitars doing what you’re currently doing…

Now’s the time to change it

If getting great guitar sounds in your home studio has always been a struggle, why keep struggling?

With Perfect Guitar Takes, you’ll be given an entire system to recording, producing, and mixing killer guitars In The Box.

You won’t have to keep chasing the newest guitar model, amplifier, or pedal to try and get the tones you’ve always wanted. 

You won’t be frustrated ever again inside your home studio when you’re recording and mixing guitar…

And instead, you’re able to get the sounds inside your head to come out of your speakers with little to no effort at all.

Your rhythm guitars groove like a seasoned pro guitarist…

Your solos shine and sizzle like no other…

And recording and mixing electric guitars is something you look forward to, every single time. 

With Chris Liepe showing you every step of the way, this is a no-risk opportunity to unlock the Infinite Guitar Gear Rack inside your home studio…

And get Radio Ready Guitars in your mixes today. 

All that’s left for you to do is to click the button below and join Perfect Guitar Takes now. 

You’ll be taken to a page where you can review your order, and signing up to join the course only takes a couple of minutes.

After that, you’ll be able to dive right into the member’s area, and begin going through the course immediately. 

We hope to see you inside the course!

Click here to join Perfect Guitar Takes for just $97 now

Discover how to record, produce, and mix Radio Ready Guitars in your home studio for just one payment of $97.
60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 


Right now, you can join Chris Liepe’s exclusive course with the Recording Revolution, Perfect Guitar Takes, and discover how to start recording, producing and mixing killer guitars In The Box from your home studio.

It’s just a single payment of $97 to join the course, and it comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee to take any risks off your shoulders.

Even if the 6 case studies aren't in genres you usually make music in, if you're struggling to get the guitar sounds you want in your home studio, this course will be invaluable in teaching you how to craft tones and guitar parts, quickly and easily. 

This course will show you how to take your guitar skills, and bring them into the 21st century with today's recording and mixing tools.

With Perfect Guitar Takes, you'll soon discover how easy it is to set up tones you've always wanted in the box...

How quickly you can craft and layer guitar parts without changing pedals, amplifiers or microphones...

And how you can transform the sound of your favorite guitar into anything you want it to be.

With what Chris teaches inside Perfect Guitar Takes, you’ll learn how to work with your voice, and capture great performances with it no matter how it is on recording day itself. 

The course comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you can join Perfect Guitar Takes today and see just what it’ll do for your guitar recordings and mixes.

Go through the course, try out the techniques and tricks Chris teaches, and if you’re not satisfied with the results you get, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will refund your purchase, no questions asked. 

Click here to join Perfect Guitar Takes for just $97 now

Discover how to record, produce, and mix Radio Ready Guitars in your home studio for just one payment of $97.
60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 


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