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Learn Music Production From Grammy-Winning Producer Jacquire King

Step inside Jacquire’s professional studio and discover the techniques, mindsets, and systems he used to produce records for Kings of Leon, James Bay, Norah Jones, Tom Waits, Buddy Guy, KALEO and many other top artists…


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Discover record making from Jacquire King. Over 7 modules consisting of 30+ hours of video content, alongside in-depth production and mixing walkthroughs.


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Hear from students of Record Making with Jacquire King...

What if a multi-platinum, Grammy-winning producer took you into his studio, and showed you how to make a great record?

From the home studio of Graham Cochrane (Founder,
Tampa, Florida

Dear friend,

As musicians, we all share the same passion for turning the musical ideas in our heads into songs we can share with people.

And with today’s technology and software, this isn’t a pipe dream.

It’s an actual possibility.

But producing even just a single song comes with challenges we don’t realize until we get started on it:

  • How do we know we’ve written the right song to record?
  • How do we know we’ve picked the right instruments and arranged the song correctly?
  • How do we then use the gear we have, and get studio quality recordings?
  • How then do we mix the recordings into something that’s good enough to stream on Spotify or Apple Music?

And if we’re honest with ourselves… most of us don’t know all the answers to all these questions.

It’s often difficult to know if you’re on the right track in your home studio.

Anyone who creates music from a home studio can recall sessions that went smoothly while recording… but the assembled mix turns out to be nothing like you had it in your head.

Meanwhile, there are times where it seems like you’ve recorded something you wouldn’t dare let anyone listen to…

But you listen to the mix a few days later, and it turns out to be some of your best work.

All of this points to a deeper issue that us music makers face...

Most of us don't know all of the steps needed to make a great record

What separates a professional, A-list producer from an amateur in their home studio?

It’s not the treated recording spaces that they work in…

Or the racks of analog gear worth tens of thousands of dollars that surround their mixing desks.

And it’s not the vintage microphones and gear choices inside their studios… or the third party plugins they use.

The difference is that they understand every step needed to make a great record. 

With the Internet today, we can listen to countless interviews and podcasts with music producers and audio engineers, and get a peek into their processes… but it’s never complete!

Sure, you can swipe a mix trick or a recording technique, or use the same equipment that was used to make your favorite record.

But chances are - it never fully gives you the result you're looking for.

The truth is: In order to make a record of a professional standard, you must know and understand the entire record making process.

And that is what separates the professional producer from the amateur home studio owner.

The art of record making, finally explained

In the course we’re presenting to you today, you’ll discover how to record, mix and produce music on a level that would require decades of experience to learn through trial and error.

When Jacquire King helped produce Niall Horan's debut album, "Flicker", here's what Niall had to say about the recording process:

“It was a very poignant moment in the recording process… It changed the way I recorded the rest of the album.”

And when James Bay was interviewed about how Jacquire produced his multi-platinum album, "Chaos and The Calm", he revealed how vital Jacquire was in shaping the sound of the record:

"I like to keep my mind open, and that’s where I really needed Jacquire, because he helped stretch the boundaries.

“There was a huge chunk of Jacquire taking a fresh take on the music and how it should sound, and I was really pleased with what he put in to the arrangements and structures.”

This is your chance to be a fly on the wall, and learn that exact same record making process

Inside the course, you'll watch over Jacquire's shoulder as he records, produces and arranges an entire song from scratch.

You'll also see him break down and walk you through several of his productions…

And you'll discover the secrets, tricks, and tactics he has used to become one of the most sought-after music producers today.


Discover the process to writing, recording and producing a great record

As Jacquire and I put the course together, we identified 4 clear phases in producing an amazing track.

By following these phases, one can ensure that they’ve selected the right song to work on, and record, produce and mix it into a professional track.

Phase 0: Expectations & Mindset

Before stepping into your studio, you need to have the right expectations and perspective to approach making a record. 

This is where you decide the artistic direction you’re taking in your music, and set the right goals so you’re not setting yourself up for failure

Phase 1: Planning 

Once you’ve got a clear goal for the record your making, it’s time to start planning how you’re going to record, produce and mix it.

You go through the songs you’ve written, selecting the strongest material to bring forward and record into a full production.

Phase 2: Pre-production

Before recording any new music, it’s important to make sure you’ve made the right decisions in the songs you’ve chosen. 

It’s the small things that lead to a huge impact going forward. The exact tempo of the song, the key, and arrangements you’re going to record, etc.

You decide what genre you’re going to fit the song into - whether it’s working with an initial voice memo of the song, or starting to map out the song inside your DAW.

Phase 3: Recording & Producing

Finally, it’s time to start recording and producing your track. 

If you’ve done the previous phases correctly, you’ll be able to capture that magic in your home studio, and take your song idea to fruition.

Phase 4: Mixing & Mastering

With your production recorded inside your DAW, you now can use the power of today’s audio technology and software to take the recordings you have and mix them to best express the message in your music. 

And after you’ve mixed your track to completion, it’s ready for mastering and releasing.

When you understand the phases of producing a great record, it removes the frustration and confusion of making music

Over a 3-decade long career, Jacquire has refined his record-making process to these 4 phases…

And that is what we will teach you in this exclusive online course.

Why does this unique process of record-making work for musicians all over the world?

By having a clear roadmap and focus when you’re producing, you’ll find that the majority of issues you face in making music simply disappear.

Yes, capturing a great performance, and making a great record isn’t easy.

It takes time and effort to create something compelling.

But instead of feeling lost and confused when you’re trying to produce a song… with this process, you will know the exact steps you have to take to create something professional.

There are 5 main reasons why home studio musicians benefit from Jacquire’s record-making process:

1. It works in any genre of music

Once you understand the process of record making, it doesn’t matter what genre of music you make. 

Rock, hip hop, electronic, Americana, acoustic, RnB… the principles that run through Jacquire’s process work for all of them, because the process maintains a clear focus:

Producing something that moves and impacts the listener’s emotions.

2. You will see the clear improvements in your music

As you use Jacquire’s framework, with each subsequent track you work on, you’ll start to identify the phase of record-making that you’re in.

And each time, you’ll see how you’ve improved from your last project.

Making music is frustrating not just because of the start/stop nature it has - it’s also being unable to tell whether you’re moving forward or backward that can stop musicians from regularly producing music.

3. You will trust your musical instincts more

With Jacquire’s process, you’ll begin to realize that great music isn’t only about compression ratios or the milliseconds of pre-delay on a reverb plugin.

Instead, it’s about developing an ear to decide what’s the best recording/mixing move at each point of your production.

Where in the past you might second guess every decision you make while producing music, you’ll start to trust your instincts.

And as you develop your ear for production and mixing - the music you work on will only improve.

4. Your music will connect deeper with your audience

As your ear improves, you’ll be able to record, produce and mix music that has the power to move your listener, and give them the reaction you’re working towards.

From moving people to tears with a powerful ballad to getting someone’s foot tapping to a guitar riff - there’s no pleasure like knowing that you’ve produced music that goes straight from their ears to their heart.

5. If you’re a producer, the artists you work with will trust you to fully develop their music

If you’re working as an audio engineer or producer for other artists, you won’t be afraid to lead and help advise your clients on how to best produce their tracks.

You’ll be able to convince them to follow your production decisions, even if it isn’t what they originally had in mind. 

And as they see the impact you have on their music - their trust in you will deepen.

This course will show you how to capture the magic found in a great record

Yes, this is a comprehensive course that will show you how to record, produce and mix a great record from start to finish.

But we also wanted to create a course that would show people how to find and capture the magic found in the records Jacquire produces.

And so we also recorded Jacquire's best advice on how to create that same magic in your home studio.

The magic found in songs such as James Bay’s “Hold Back The River”...

Or Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”...

Or even an acoustic-based song such as Niall Horan’s “Seeing Blind”.

Now, you can learn record making from someone behind iconic hit songs and multi-platinum albums

It’s not easy to learn record making from someone like Jacquire King.

To learn from a producer of his stature, you’d have to find your way into a top-level recording studio, either as an engineer or intern, winding up cables, cleaning up after artists…

And to even get work at a studio, you’d have to go to audio school or music college to first get the qualifications required for it.

With this online course, we want to remove all the barriers of entry for someone to produce great records.

With today’s technology, there are no barriers for someone who wants to start making music. 

Audio gear is incredibly cheap and affordable, and anyone can get started with a couple hundred dollars.

But there’s something that still hasn’t been taught yet - the mindset and approach of a Grammy-winning producer.

And that’s what we want to deliver to you in this online course.

Jacquire started out in music like anyone else - with no connections in the industry, he worked his way up the ladder, developing his chops to become the A-list producer he is today.

And now as someone established as a go-to producer for numerous major label artists, he wants to give back.

We’d like to invite you to come inside his studio, and see how you too can produce professional records.

Read on for the full details of the course - and we hope to see you on the inside.

Who is Jacquire King?

Jacquire King is a 3-time Grammy-winning producer who has worked with artists such as Kings of Leon, James Bay, Tom Waits, Norah Jones, Niall Horan, and many others. He is the producer behind Kings of Leon’s breakout album “Only By The Night”, and James Bay’s multi-platinum debut album “Chaos And The Calm”. 

With his experience of working with musical icons such as Tom Waits, B.B. King and Eric Clapton, to producing for newer artists such as James Bay , Jacquire has a clear understanding of how to produce records that are contemporary and modern while preserving the warmth and authenticity of old-school records.


Discover the art of record making from 3-time Grammy-winning producer Jacquire King.

With 6 modules and over 30 hours of video material, this course will teach you how to take an initial song idea, and turn it into a professional record.

Through multiple production walkthroughs, as well as recording and producing a song from scratch, Jacquire demonstrates how you can produce professional music from your own home studio.

In the course, Jacquire also takes a demo from a singer/songwriter, and re-produces it inside his studio, showing how he turns an existing track into something even better.

Now when you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a deep understanding of music production, recording, and mixing… and you’ll also begin to develop the instincts and mindsets that separate amateur musicians from top-level producers and artists.

With what you’ll discover in this course, you’ll be able to use your current home studio to produce compelling records that will blow away your listeners.

How was the course filmed?

If you ask most top producers how they learned music production, it would usually be a high-stakes, on-the-spot process. Maybe they were an engineer for another producer, and they’d have to learn how to operate audio gear on the fly.

With this course, we’ve made sure that despite its length (30+ hours!), it teaches the curriculum in a format that’s easy to understand.

The course was filmed in Jacquire’s studio in Nashville, and it’s as if you’re in his studio, watching over his shoulder as he explains every step he takes in producing a professional record.

Course Structure

The first few modules of the course lay the foundation for understanding the key mindsets and techniques to producing a great record. 

From the expectations to set to the preproduction of a mix for a recording session, it’s all there.

You’ll also discover what exactly music production is, and the pitfalls to avoid when you start producing music.

In the second half of the course, you’ll see each phase of the record making process.

You’ll learn:

  • How to record instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, vocals, in ways that make mixing and producing them far quicker than you might be used to 
  • How to regulate and guide a musical performance to get the best recordings possible for mixing
  • Why committing to a certain musical sound early actually gives you more creative freedom in music production
  • What to do to preserve or bend genres in the music you make
  • Jacquire’s personal mixing framework, and how he approaches mixing raw tracks into a professional record

Finally, the course wraps up with several in-depth production/mix walkthroughs where Jacquire takes you behind the scenes of records he’s produced. 

In these walkthroughs, you’ll be able to swipe the mixing tactics and plugin chains that he uses to polish his mixes.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Course introduction

  • Why you can produce professional music from your home studio
  • How to view the course for the best results for your skill level in music
  • Step inside Jacquire’s studio with an in-depth tour to see where the course was filmed

Module 2: Succeeding as an Artist or Producer

  • The bare minimum you need to get started
  • Jacquire’s general advice to artists and producers
  • What to look for in a vocal performance
  • How to best make music with commercial viability
  • What kind of music to listen to, to improve your production skills

Module 3: Key production concepts

  • Music production, finally explained
  • Understanding the power of arrangement and rhythmic development in production
  • Examples of arrangements in Jacquire’s previous records

Module 4: Preproduction & Planning

  • What to do first when making a record
  • Creating a structure to work in
  • The importance of a working vocal
  • Figuring out your sound as an artist/producer
  • How to come up with new material
  • Preproduction walkthrough: Graham Cochrane’s “Bury It”

Module 5: Recording Techniques

  • Discover how to record the staple instruments in most productions: vocals, drums, bass, guitar
  • Jacquire’s thoughts on brass and string instruments in productions
  • The importance of committing to sounds early in your record making
  • See Jacquire lead the re-recording of Graham’s Bury It (drums, bass, vocals, guitar), and how to guides performances in a studio

Module 6: Mixing

  • How to edit and setup your static mix for in-depth mixing
  • Why and when to mix on your main stereo buss
  • How to use both precision digital plugins, and analog emulation plugins to get the best of both worlds in your mixes
  • Watch as Jacquire mixes the raw recordings of Bury It into a professional record

Module 7: Production & Arrangement Walkthroughs

  • See Jacquire walk you through the production and arrangements of 3 of his previous records.
  • Learn arrangement strategies for multiple genres: Pop, Rock and Acoustic.
  • Discover how Jacquire turned a basic iPhone demo of an acoustic song, and turned it into an acoustic pop record

Course Samples

Here are some sample lessons from the course:


To help you maximize your learning from the course...

In addition to the 7 modules in the course, you will also get access to the following:

Exclusive bonus live Q&A call for all new students during this relaunch period

As part of the relaunch of his course, Jacquire's agreed to hold a live Q&A call where he'll answer any questions students have on recording, mixing, and producing music.

So if you're looking to get direct answers from an industry veteran like Jacquire, this is your opportunity to do so.

You'll receive the recordings of Jacquire's "EP Production Workshop", completely free

Before we filmed Record Making with Jacquire King, Jacquire held an exclusive paid workshop for Recording Revolution followers on the 4 simple to recording, producing, and mixing an EP successfully. 

The workshop ended up going for more than 9 hours as Jacquire revealed insights, techniques, and tricks that only a producer of his calibre knows. 

It's the perfect compliment to everything you'll learn inside Record Making with Jacquire King, and you get it free when you join the course today. 

On top of that, you'll also receive the bonus recordings of previous live Q&A calls with Jacquire himself

Jacquire originally held two live Q&A calls for the first students of his course, and they've been recorded, timestamped and uploaded to the member's area.

Over the course of four hours, he answered the questions of home studio musicians just like you, and gave in-depth advice such as:

  • How to train yourself to hear the subtle differences in EQ/Compression changes (This separates an amateur mixer from a pro one)
  • How should you deal with recording and mixing in a small room
  • Jacquire's song selection process when working with an artist (steal this to know which songs you've written have the best chances of success)
  • And much, much more.


Enroll in “Record Making With Jacquire King”

When you join the course, you get lifetime access to all course materials, as well as any updates to the course material in the future.

What's included:

  • 7 in-depth modules teaching all aspects of record making & music production
  • 30+ hours of video instruction
  • Access to all future updates to the course
  • Bonus Live Q&A call with Jacquire and the recordings of the previous Q&A calls
  • Bonus EP Production Workshop with over 9 hours of in-depth content

To join the course, select one of the options below:

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The goal of this course is to teach the art of record making to as many musicians as possible. That’s why your investment in this course comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

If for any reason after joining the course you’re not satisfied with it, simply email the Recording Revolution team at within 60 days of your purchase, and you’ll be refunded of your entire purchase with zero hassle.

What students are saying about the course:

Questions & Answers

The course is self-paced, and there’s no deadline to finish it with your lifetime access. What’s more, all the modules are neatly organized so you can jump straight to what you want to learn first, depending on how advanced you are at music production.

Yes. What you’ll see inside the course is that Jacquire’s approach to music production isn’t rigid, by-the-book instructions that have to be followed 100% of the time. Rather, it’s an overall mindset and perspective that you’ll be able to use to take your pre-existing knowledge in music, and enhance it even more.

If you’re an amateur musician, what you’ll learn inside this course could save you thousands of dollars in chasing the next piece of software/gear to try and improve your music. What’s more, what you’ll learn will save you hours and hours of trying to learn music production by yourself.

There’s also a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so your investment today comes with zero risk.

If you’re working as a producer, or audio engineer, this course will teach you skills that will improve your productions and mixes, and help you develop the musical instincts and ears of a top-level producer.

What you’ll learn inside this course isn’t genre specific. While Jacquire is known for his pop-rock productions, the processes and mindsets he uses will work for any genre of music.

This course was designed to be easily digested, regardless of skill level. What’s more, in addition to Jacquire's course videos, you’ll also receive a beginner's guide to recording and mixing from Graham Cochrane so you understand all of the key concepts.

When you join the course, you’ll get lifetime access to all course materials.

You’ll receive:

    • 7 in-depth modules walking you through all aspects of record making
    • 30+ hours of video instruction
    • Access to all future updates to the course


  • Bonus Live Q&A call with Jacquire and the recordings of the previous Q&A calls


As you have lifetime access, there’s no need to rush through the material at all. And when updates are made to the course, you’ll also receive access to those as well.

Yes. While there are some concepts or tactics in the later modules that might be hard to understand, the course was created with the beginner in mind. 

There’s also additional training for beginners inside the member’s area included alongside lifetime access to the course, so you won’t feel as if it’s too advanced for you and your music.

Who is this course for?

“Record Making with Jacquire King” is right for you if:

  • You’re an aspiring artist looking to take your own material and produce high quality, professional tracks with it
  • You’re new to recording and mixing music, and you want to develop a solid foundation in all aspects of making music from your home studio
  • You’re an experienced musician interested in discovering a Grammy-winning producer’s unique mindsets and processes to producing great records
  • You’re a producer who works with other artists and you want to further improve your recording, producing and mixing skills
  • You’d like to discover the key to producing great music - having the ability to recognize great musical ideas, and be able to develop them into full-fledged records

If you related to any of the above, this course will be a great fit for you and your music.

Enroll in “Record Making With Jacquire King”

When you join the course, you get lifetime access to all course materials, as well as any updates to the course material in the future.

What's included:

  • 7 in-depth modules teaching all aspects of record making & music production
  • 30+ hours of video instruction
  • Access to all future updates to the course
  • Bonus Live Q&A call with Jacquire and the recordings of the previous Q&A calls
  • Bonus EP Production Workshop with over 9 hours of in-depth content

To join the course, select one of the options below:

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2 monthly payments of


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Before you make your decision…

There has never been a better time to be a musician than today.

With just a couple hundred dollars, we can have the basic gear needed to start recording, producing and mixing our music. 

Just a couple decades ago, that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars to do so.

But even so, most musicians today struggle to produce music they’re satisfied with.

A lot of that boils down to the processes, mindsets and tactics they use when making music from their home studio.

As musicians, we’ve got a tough job to do. 

We’re trying to take the emotions and feelings we have in our heads, and put them into a format that anyone listening can understand and feel.

In this course I’ve put together with Jacquire, we hope to show you how to do that.

While this is a course filled with technical information on recording, producing and mixing, it’s much more than that.

This is a course that will show you how to develop the musical mind that has helped Jacquire create and sustain a successful career as a music producer.

Some of what you’ll learn inside the course will click with you immediately. Other parts of it may slightly jarr you as they go against the dogmas and traditions in recording and mixing music.

But there’s really only one question to answer here.

Do you want to make music that moves people?

If you’d like to, I hope you join us in this course.

There has never been anything like this before. 

And once you start watching the course videos, I’m sure you’d agree.

With what you’ll learn inside this course, your music will have the power to impact and move people all over the world.

We’d love to show you how the top producers in today’s music industry produce music.

Will you let us?

To your music,

Graham Cochrane


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