REthink Guitar

$47.00 USD

REthink Guitar is my best training on recording and mixing killer sounding acoustic and electric guitar tracks in the home or project studio. Join today and you'll get instant access to all five modules including:

  • How to capture a full and present acoustic guitar with a single $100 mic
  • 3 ways to sculpt the tone of your guitar amp sound with just your microphone placement
  • The secret of complimentary EQ carving on gutiars to get clarity and width
  • How I leverage compression and saturation to take my guitars further in the mix

As with all my courses, REthink Guitar comes with a zero risk, no questions asked 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Go ahead, join the course, watch all the vidoes, put the strategies into place and if you aren't getting better sounding guitartracks in the next 60 days - simply contact me and request a refund. If you aren't happy, I don't deserve your money. It's that simple.

What People Are Saying:

“OK I bought your video series REthink Guitar. Graham you are amazing. thanks so much. I stayed up all night because I didn’t have to work today just to watch all of them and try out the techniques. I like that ear perspective for acoustic guitar. That one video alone really helped and opened my eyes. No more boomy guitar for me. Thanks”

Jerry M.

“I tried miking up my amp yesterday according to what I learned from REthink Guitar. And … BOY … does it sound good! Really better than my previous attempts with the Line6 POD (which I already thought to be great).”

Robert G.

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