REthink Mixing - BASIC

$97.00 USD

REthink Mixing is the most comprehensive, step by step home mixing training available. Join today and you'll get access to:

  • All 8 videos of my core mix training showing you an over-the-shoulder mixing experience with over 6 hours of in-depth instruction ($400 Value)
  • The actual raw multitracks I use in the videos so you can pull them into your DAW for practice ($30 Value)
  • The “Top Down Mixing” video tutorial showing my practical and backwards workflow that saves you CPU power and precious time ($50 Value)
  • The REthink Mixing Cheat Sheet - the fast and easy guide to my step by step mixing approach ($30 Value)

As with all my courses, REthink Mixing comes with a no questions asked 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Go ahead, join the course, watch all the vidoes, put the strategies into place and if you aren't getting better sounding mixes in the next 60 days - simply contact me and request a refund. If you aren't happy, I don't deserve your money. It's that simple.

What People Are Saying:

When I heard the raw tracks in the first few minutes I didn’t really like the song. But when I heard it in the last 3 minutes of the final video, I was mesmerized. The way you tweak things here and there and improve the sound is simply magical. Great job Graham.

Chris J.

I recently purchased and watched your REthink Mixing series and it has improved my studio mixing — and my live mixing, believe it or not — 10 fold.

Jorge B.

Just finished the RE-Think Mixing course. I loved it man. This course was exactly what I needed. Going into the course I already knew or at least heard of most of the techniques you were using (mostly because I learned them from your YouTube videos or other online tutorials) but what this did for me was exactly what the email said it would do before I purchased it, it has helped me connect the dots so that I can mix much more effectively and MUCH faster. I've already started on my next mix since watching the videos and I feel like I'm moving at light speed compared to how long it usually takes me to mix. This has really helped simplify the mixing process for me and I can't wait to start mixing my next songs so that I can apply this workflow. Thanks so much Graham, you're helping make this music dream of mine possible. God bless!

Josh C.

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