Yes, You Can Record & Produce World Class, Captivating, Emotional Vocals - With Any Voice in Any Studio

Discover how to give amazing vocal performances with a highly effective method that gets you "in the zone", eliminates the mental barriers vocalists face on recording day and results in world-class recorded vocals...


Without a great vocal performance, the best written, produced, and mixed song would struggle to succeed.

From the home studio of Graham Cochrane
Tampa, Florida

Dear friend,

With so much music available today, the best way to stand out and to show your listener that your music is professional, and not amateur - is with a powerful vocal performance.

But the fact is: becoming a great vocalist is very, very difficult.

When you’re developing your vocal skills as an amateur singer, it isn’t just hard… it’s painful, frustrating, and often, never gets discussed.

Unlike an instrument like the guitar or piano - it’s so hard to tell whether you’re on the right track when practicing your voice, or whether you’re just developing bad habits. 

And there’s nothing more disappointing than listening to a mix that you’ve put hours into, only to think it just doesn’t sound right each time you hear your singing on it. 

But when it comes to vocals, there’s something we all forget.

A timeless vocal performance isn’t about range, it’s not about tone, it’s not even about melody or pitch…

It’s about having a vocal that’s compelling, authentic and believable.

That’s what captures our ears the moment we hear it, and what keeps us coming back to a song, even if the recording and mixing of it isn’t perfect.

If you’re a beginning vocalist, is that even possible?

The truth is - the ability to give compelling, powerful vocal performances is something vocalists can develop very quickly.

When you listen to recordings of artists like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty - it’s a fact they’re not the best singers on the planet.

But it’s the storytelling, that “X factor” inside those vocal performances, alongside the songs, that have you coming back to their music again and again.

Remember: listeners don't care about a crazy range or not, as much as an emotional, down-to-earth vocal performance.

And after teaching recording and mixing for nearly 13 years, I’ve got a secret to tell you…

So many of the recordings and mixes I hear by amateur home studio musicians these days blow me away.

It’s never been easier to make Radio Ready Songs without the budget of a record label or expensive recording studio, from the comfort of your bedroom or home studio. 

But what often pulls me out of the great mix someone’s done, is just a vocal performance that sounds amateur, unemotional, and inauthentic. 

However, learning how to give a great vocal performance is very difficult to learn online.

Here’s the problem with vocal coaching today: just like learning music online…

There’s too much content to learn from, and not enough qualified experts teaching it!

And just like anything online… it’s the loudest content creators that usually get heard, not the best ones.

Sure, you might learn a few things and improve your vocals somewhat.

But when you record a song you’ve written, and  hear your raw vocals play back, you think:

"What in the world happened to my voice?"

“The performance seemed fine to me, who's singing this recording?"

This happens because of how the human voice works. 

What sounds good as you’re singing can sound completely different to what a microphone, or someone else’s ear picks up.

And sadly, this is something so many vocal coaching videos don’t explain well.

Learning how to deliver and record great vocal performances isn't about extending your range, or learning how to do some complicated run with your voice.

It’s about knowing how to supercharge your voice with emotion and then having a tried and tested strategy for capturing and enhancing that performance.

What separates the pros from the amateurs isn’t actually a great voice.

It’s that the pros have a strategy for performing and recording that makes their voice sound amazing to the listener and often 10x better than it would otherwise.

The pros know how to get in the mental zone to deliver their best performance, how to get the most out of the microphone and setup a vocal chain to make them sound out of this world.

This is why I’ve got a special announcement for you today…

The Recording Revolution is teaming up with vocal coach Chris Liepe to release an online course on how to deliver and record compelling, powerful vocal performances that captivate and move your listeners, just like the pros do!

Even if you're just recording from a simple home studio setup.

Now you might be wondering… who exactly is Chris Liepe?

Well, I first came across Chris Liepe on the Internet through a cover he did of one of my favorite Soundgarden songs, The Day I Tried To Live.

Anyone who’s ever listened to that song knows - that is not an easy song to sing.

In fact, check it out below:


As you can see, he nailed it, and I was curious… how could he sing that song so well?

A short while later, he released a YouTube video where he explained how he used cat noises to discover his vocal range and power, and that was when I realized - this was a vocalist who didn’t just walk the talk… he knew how to teach it too!

And here’s just what some of his students say about their results after following Chris’s vocal training:

And after running the Recording Revolution for more than a decade, I’ve always wanted to help my audience with improving their vocal performances… and I knew - Chris was the coach to bring in to help my audience with their vocals. 

Why Chris's unique vocal method works so well

Unlike most vocal coaches that focus on technique, voice placement and range... Chris is focused on giving his students results they can hear in their own performances, giving them exercises that aren't boring or repetitive.

Instead, he focuses on helping you embrace the voice you have right now, and using it to its best ability to create believable, powerful performances that draw your listener in, and have them tuned into your every word. 

With that, I’d like to introduce you to…

"Perfect Vocal Takes":
How to capture compelling, powerful vocal performances in your home studio

This is a step by step course that Chris has put together for the Recording Revolution to show home studio owners how they can deliver and capture world-class vocal performances from their bedroom or home studio.

Over 5 hours of exclusive video content, you’ll be shown how to set up a vocal chain that disappears when you start singing, how to set your voice up for success on recording day, as well as see 3 in-depth case studies of songs that Chris has actually worked on as a vocalist, songwriter and producer.

So you won’t just be given content and exercises to follow, but you’ll also see Chris personally go from failure to success, coming out with a finished, professional track at the end of the process.

While plenty of vocal courses focus on just exercises or theories on how to develop the voice - this course focuses on showing you how to deliver the X factor so many vocalists struggle with...

Getting compelling, professional vocal performances, that are believable, emotional and authentic.

The course consists of 30+ videos, split into three main sections:

Part 1: The Winning Vocal Mindsets

In this part of the course, Chris gives you the foundational mindsets and knowledge needed to start achieving a great vocal performance, while introducing you to the 3 vocal case studies he'll be analyzing throughout the course.

You'll discover: 

  • How to set up your vocal signal chain to make sure you’re capturing the best vocal performances possible, without any technology hindering you 
  • Why most vocalists can never get their best performances when recording in a studio - and how to overcome this problem, once and for all 
  • The most important vocal mindset to have right before you start singing a single note
  • What most vocalists do when recording that sets them up for stale, bland performances, no matter how hard they try

Part 2: Warming Up and Exploring Your Voice

This is where the Chris starts walking you through, and demonstrating just how he warms up his voice to nail a great vocal performance. However, there aren't any scale, or even vowel exercises to follow. 

Instead, you'll be given engaging, effective exercises that warm up and expand your range as a vocalist, while preparing you to deliver a great vocal recording.

You'll be taught: 

  • How to get your recording interface and software out of the way when you’re recording your voice, so that it’s working in the background for you, and not against you
  • What scratch takes are, and how you can use them to figure out the right vocal performance for the songs you’re recording
  • The 3 main roles vocals play in a production, and how to subtly “lift” your vocals when recording and mixing to bring a performance into life 
  • The biggest problem with warming up, and how it can set you up for vocal failure if not done correctly
  • Why embracing your vocal cracks could give you the vocal performances you've been singing yourself hoarse to achieve
  • Plus, you'll be able to swipe Chris's vocal effects chain he relies on to get himself in the right headspace for recording vocals

Once you’ve been through this part of the course, you’ll be fully clued into the right way to set up your DAW, interface, and vocal chain to make recording stress free, and fun.

Part 3: Real-World Song Case Studies

Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of how to start capturing amazing vocal performances on your recordings, it’s time to show you just how to apply that to your music.

After Chris shows you how he approaches vocal production and comping, and how to use background vocals alongside lead vocals to lift the energy of a track, he then dives deep into several real-world song case studies.

He'll walk you through how he recorded, performed, and produced the vocals for 3 songs that he’s made as a producer/songwriter/vocalist for hire, then re-recording the vocals for them, showing you exactly how to craft and create a perfect vocal take.

Here's what you'll discover inside each vocal performance walkthrough:

Song #1: Acoustic Singer-Songwriter Style

In this first vocal case study, you'll be shown:

  • How to vary the use of mixed and head voice in a chorus to make a vocal performance both easier, and more compelling
  • Why crafting an emotionally vulnerable performance is never about a clean, 100% on the note take
  • How Chris listens to and analyzes his own vocal performance for 2 key factors that make a vocal believable and professional
  • The one thing missing from most comped vocals that can draw a listener away from your performance

Song #2: Pop-Rock Radio Song

In this 2nd song case study, Chris breaks down and walks you through how he records the ideal vocal performance for an upbeat rock song he originally made for a radio station.

In this case study, you'll see:

  • How he layers background vocals in a completely different manner to his lead vocal performance 
  • Why you've got to figure out the story of your song, and how to use that to create an arc inside your song's vocal performance
  • The 2 ways to examine each line of your vocal performance, and how to be critical, without destroying your vocal confidence
  • How to use role playing to create characters, and build tension and release inside your vocal performances

Song #3: Heavy Metal, High Powered Vocals

In the final vocal case study, Chris takes you into a high energy, high intensity heavy metal track where he combines both gritty, distorted vocals alongside lighter and darker vocal performances to create a vocal take maintains intensity and curiosity from start to finish.

In this walkthrough, you'll discover:

  • What heavy vocalists often don't show about their vocal recording process, and why you don't need to scream out your vocal cords to create the intensity and emotion needed for the genre
  • Why smart vocal layering can take pressure off your lead vocal, while giving you an easier path to the perfect vocal take 
  • The two types of vocal arrangements that can bring your listener deeper into your song, without them even realizing it
  • How Chris layers dozen of background vocals for an intense, choir-like ending of the vocal performance

You can easily go through the course in just a couple of days, or binge-watch through it in an afternoon - but once you discover the simple concepts and techniques taught inside, and see how to actually apply them on your own songs...

You’ll finally know how to get that “x-factor” of believability, emotion and charisma into your vocal performances.

So as you can see, Perfect Vocal Takes will help you take your vocal performances to the next level.

But you might be wondering… how much will it cost? 

Well, to put things in perspective - Chris charges over $300 for a single private lesson with him. 

And to have access to vocal lessons that are specifically tailored for the vocalist in their home studio trying their best to record compelling, world-class performances? You just can’t find that anywhere else. 

So how much will Perfect Vocal Takes cost?

To get lifetime access to the course, it’s just one single payment of $67 with this special launch period discount.

However, there’s a catch...

As this is a special collaboration between Chris and the Recording Revolution, this course will only be available for a limited time only. 

And the next time this course is released, the price might increase from where it’s currently at.

But more than that…

How long more do you want to struggle with your vocal performances?

What stops your vocals from sounding professional and compelling isn't range, tone, or any of the vocal buzzwords of today...

It's not knowing how to create an emotional, powerful vocal performance inside your home studio. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

And as part of this special relaunch, the course has been updated with a brand new module...


A year later after making Perfect Vocal Takes, Chris has gone through the course, and he's adding videos to the member's area...

Filling in any additional gaps of knowledge a vocalist needs to start getting great vocal takes today. 

You'll be shown things such as:

  • What Chris' current front end vocal chain looks like, after working with multiple professional vocalists (Marc Martel, Spencer Sotelo, Markas Magyar, Jonny Craig)
  • The two types of EQ you need to master for a great vocal sound in the mix (with this, your voice will never sound nasal again)
  • A simple compression workflow that gives you a crisp vocal that sits perfectly in mixes, without sibilance 
  • What kind of saturation you can use to inject warmth, presence and sizzle into your voice
  • How to actually use autotune to save a near "perfect take" (no robots or weird tones, just in-tune vocals!)

And with these new videos, you'll be more than on your way to getting captivating vocals on your mixes.

Remember: the voice is a fragile, but powerful instrument. 

With the wrong advice and coaching, you could easily develop vocal problems such as bad habits that cause vocal nodules, swelling, pain, and a loss of range and tone. 

Yes, your voice can recover even if it’s injured, but there’s something lost each time you hit a roadblock with your vocal progress… time.

The time you spend relearning your voice, and trying to get rid of bad habits you’ve accidentally learned is time you could spend inside your home studio making music.

It’s time you could instead spend capturing amazing vocal performances that blow your listeners away.

And it’s time that doesn’t need to be wasted being frustrated and fed up with your own voice.

With what Chris teaches inside Perfect Vocal Takes today, you’ll be given an entire guide to start giving compelling, emotional vocal performances.

And you can join Perfect Vocal Takes with zero risks on your shoulders

Perfect Vocal Takes comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you’ve got 2 entire months to go through the course, try out the exercises and techniques Chris teaches inside, and see how your vocal performances improve over an extended period of time.

And if by the end of the 60 days you don’t think your vocal performances have improved one bit at all, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will make sure you get a refund, no questions asked. 

So with nothing to lose, and everything to gain… are you ready to take your voice to the next level? 

Are you ready for better vocals today?

You'd be surprised at how quickly you can improve your vocal performances, even if it’s always been a struggle for you to record vocals in your home studio. 

With the exercises that Chris has discovered through painful trial and error, you can skip months, even years of trying to do it yourself - and instead, start capturing your best vocal performances from your home studio, starting today. 

There’s no need to waste time trying to figure it out all on your own when someone’s already done the hard work to give you the blueprint to finally being able to give the vocal performances you’ve always wanted to. 

Once you know how to craft top-notch vocal takes, your music will stand out far more from the crowd.

Being able to craft an amazing vocal take inside a studio environment is a skill that so few vocalists ever learn how to achieve.

As such, no matter their vocal skill, there's an invisible wall stopping them from ever fully communicating their emotions and music to their listener. 

But when you know how to put together, and record a seamless, compelling vocal take with the right backing vocals and recording techniques used correctly...

Your vocals will easily beat any pro vocalist who doesn't know how to use their voice inside a studio.

And when you play your newly made mixes to your friends... the look on their faces says enough: 

Your well-crafted vocal takes have taken your music to a whole new level.

But all this can only happen if you take the first step… which is right here in front of you, right now.

Give Perfect Vocal Takes a shot, go through the videos, try out the exercises, and see what it can do for your voice.

With the tested and proven techniques taught inside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your performances and recordings improve.

You might even break through performance barriers you’ve had for years in just a few minutes with the lessons you'll learn inside his vocal performance walkthroughs, as so many of Chris’s students have.

And with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by giving Perfect Vocal Takes a shot today. 

So click the button below, and we’ll see you inside the member’s area. 

Graham Cochrane

Click here to join Perfect Vocal Takes now

Discover how to achieve perfect vocal takes inside your home studio and captivate listeners with compelling, emotionally grabbing vocal performances for just one payment of $147 $67. 
60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

P.S. Once the deadline on this page hits zero, Perfect Vocal Takes will close its doors to new students.

As this is a special collaboration between Chris Liepe and the Recording Revolution, we don't know when we'll be releasing this course after this launch period ends.

Plus I can't confirm that the course will be at this sweet low price if it does reopen for new students.

If you’d like to learn how to give compelling vocal performances and start crafting your perfect vocal take - now’s the time to get started.

Click here to join Perfect Vocal Takes now

Discover how to achieve perfect vocal takes inside your home studio and captivate listeners with compelling, emotionally grabbing vocal performances for just one payment of $147 $67. 
60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 


Right now, you can join Chris Liepe’s exclusive course with the Recording Revolution, Perfect Vocal Takes, and discover how to start recording compelling, powerful vocal performances inside your home studio that will help your music stand out and capture people’s attention.

It’s just a single payment of $67 to join the course, and it comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee to take any risks off your shoulders.

While Chris does sing through 2 upbeat rock tracks in this course, this course will show you how to craft attention-grabbing, compelling vocal recordings, even if you make music in a completely different genre.

One of the things vocalists struggle with is losing range, power, and general confidence in their voice as they grow older.

With what Chris teaches inside Perfect Vocal Takes, you’ll learn how to work with your voice, and capture great performances with it no matter how it is on recording day itself. 

While Chris does cover some light recording and mixing techniques in the course, this is a course that’s specializing mainly in vocal performance, and some lessons on vocal production. But if you're looking for an in-depth mixing course, this isn't it.

The course comes with a 60-day full money-back guarantee, so you can join Perfect Vocal Takes today and see just what it’ll do for your vocal performances.

Go through the course, try out the exercises Chris teaches, and if you’re not satisfied with the results you get, just send an email to [email protected] and my team will refund your purchase, no questions asked. 

Click here to join Perfect Vocal Takes now

Discover how to achieve perfect vocal takes inside your home studio and captivate listeners with compelling, emotionally grabbing vocal performances for just one payment of $147 $67. 
60-day full money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 


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