The JumpStart Series

I offer a no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back, sixty-day guarantee if you can’t honestly say that the JumpStart series has helped you achieve better sounding mixes with more clarity, punch, and impact than ever before.

I want you to have complete peace of mind when you purchase any of my training courses. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you don’t pay. 

Go ahead and sign up. Watch all of the videos, implement the strategies and techniques in a few mixes, and if you don’t enjoy the results within the first 60 days, I don’t deserve your money.

Simply contact me within 60 days of your initial purchase and I will refund your entire order immediately.

No guilt. No hard feelings.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

You’re going to love these videos.  I know your mixes will improve as you begin to implement these JumpStart strategies and workflows into your sessions! 

Graham Cochrane 

P.S. Where will your mixes be 3 months from now if you don’t learn the foundational approach to EQ, compression, and mixing at large? If you don’t invest in the JumpStart Series, can you guarantee that your tracks will start sounding like the professional mixes you adore? Don’t waste another minute doing the same thing you’ve always been doing. Your music deserves better. YOU deserve better.

P.P.S. I truly believe in my training products as I have seen them open peoples’ eyes and empower them to make better music in their studios. If you are unsatisfied with these training videos and feel you haven’t gotten an incredible amount of value out of them, contact me within 60 days I will promptly offer a full refund. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!

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